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Hello first an apology is in order. I have been Finishing myfinals for school so I haven’t been able to play my Legacy everyday. So there for ever though these next few posts are from one consecutive up load, they are from a span of one week of at least two hours or more a day.

First off, my Founder and code name on this blog is, Ayana Grace.

(actually first it’s her car). Ayana is a Neat, Good, Family-Oriented, Outdoor-Loving, Perfectionist.

Gen o: Founder Ayana Grace

Ayana, basic photo

Ayanna is a Soot Sfter at the local fire department. Her life is consumed with fire. She doesnt really date nor does  she have time.

When duty calls, the older firemen argue and Ayana gets to handle the blaze solo.

Because of her flame prowess, Ayana soon got the attention of the media. After saving a well-known celebrity’s home, Ayana could return to her own home without a paparazzi lurking about. Try as she might the nosey photographers just wouldn’t leave her alone. So Ayana, decided to give one paparazzi a piece of her mind one night..

Ayana Giving Lee Chung a Piece of her mind

Well, suffice it to say, things didn’t turn out exactly as Ayana had planned them. In fact, they went better. For the first she has a  social life and new bf, Lee.

Lee was the perfect boy friend. He called regularly and dates were great. But Ayana began to notice her work  abilities to wane. Her appetite had changed and she was constantly drowsy. This meant that Lee was on the outs. So Ayana called him over, nervous at the thought breaking up.

Change of plans...

This begins the D’Grace Legacy. The family’s begun what will Lif3 bring this family? Only one way to find out!


In the Beginning…

If you are viewing this blog in hopes of obtaining cool CC (custom content) or fabulous tips on improving game performance, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is my personal Sim blog. If I were a Sim the traits Handy or Genius would not be me. Both of which are traits need to do the above difficult tasks.


If youare on this blog it’s because you heard about this new term called “legacy” (which is not truly new at all)

On this blog you’ll see me attempting this challenge.